Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here they are... these three are the ones I painted and although I am not liking them they are finally done.....moving on.
This week I have been organizing my old projects so I can pack them up and move on to new ones.  So once I finish that I am going to start drawing more and trying to unload some of those that way I can save up to get one of my toys made. Slow and steady wins the race.  Oh and I discovered this new drawing material it is pretty cool it is called clay board.  So it really is just hard board with a coating of this clay on top but it makes the drawing surface extremely smooth and it is mounted on a frame/stand off  so it makes it look very important too.
ok yeah thats it....

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Troops

The 3D business cards are almost they out their nails painted and coated out in a matte finish.   Then I was able to apply their sticker faces and last I will tag them with my contact which I still don't know what it is.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make a wish

Ok here are the plaster positives of the queen eyelash model.  There are four different pieces to each model and there are four models laid out in this pic.  I am in the process of making them smooth and cleaning up the air bubbles that formed hence the bondo all over the pieces.
I am almost done with the sanding and letting them dry out, and tonight I am going to pick up some gauche to paint them with whoo hoo.  I will post the final models by the end of the week end.  Next I have to figure out.... everything else  AWSOME. baby steps...
Here are those business cards I was talking about making like a week ago.. so I don't have the cards done yet or the faces on these guys which I am just going to make out of printed stickers but they are coming along.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Queen

This is the first Hornygort that I have worked on and she is one of the two eye lashes.  She eye lashes are the characters in an illustration I had done a while ago.  Anyways I finished the rough sculpting of her and now I am going to cast her.  She will be a four piece mold.

So here I am mounting the four body parts at angles which I feel the will work with the flow of the plaster but, I am really bad at this part and often get air bubbles but that is nothing a little bondo can't fix. 
So here are the four pieces lied in rubber, this is two coats.  Next step I am going to make the two or three part mother molds in plaster to support the rubber.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesdays ...ummm less then productive

Broken Feet and Bad Plaster

So my plaster went bad and doesn't really want to set correctly so it is a lot weaker and that combine with my lazy mold making and impatience leads to broken feet.

But I was just playing around so I guess it is no big deal.

So this guy is going to hold my business card.  It is going to be that blue guy and it is going to step on my card and there is going to be a sqwashed something on the card.  It will be cool I promise and if not oh well I make plenty of things that are not cool.

So this hornygort venus may not look like I have done anything on it since I first posted it but I have, it is just driving me a little crazy.  I feel like I am just pretending that everything I am going to try is actually going to work when in the actual real world it isn't and I really don't know what the .... I am doing.  But don't worry trust me really I will figure it out or run away you know one or the other. 

So tonight this will be finished and tomorrow it will be cast!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Illustrator is harder then drawing it out.

Brushable Rubber Casting

Start with a sulfur free clay positive, I use Klean Clay. 

Mix rubber 1:1  for at least 6 mins. This is a brushable rubber called smooth on which I ordered from Poly-tek.  You can get it in different amounts but it is delivered fast and they have a good help line if you need to be talked through a procedure.

Spray anchored clay with release. The rubber gets really heavy and thick, make sure you anchor or your piece will fall over. This little man is simple in form and I plan on just covering him and cutting the under cut between his legs to pull him out when he is cast. This is the simplest one part mold and will need a small amount of touch up work because I am "Not about perfection".

After you mix the rubber really really well and it begins to thicken drip it over the clay, don't fuss with it though just cover it.  This middle pic is of the two parts of rubber before they are mixed and change color. 

My biggest suggestion is mix really small batches of rubber and mix well because the set time is pretty short and the rubber needs to be mixed evenly or you will get clumps.

This last pic is the entire rubber mold. Next I will mix plaster and make a mother mold over the rubber to help support the mold when I pour into it.  Then once that is set I will take out the clay from the rubber and pour plaster into the mold and get my first cast.

And that is my version of sloppy casting methods .....